ONMM stands for Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (nerve-muscle-bone). ONMM is an interdisciplinary field incorporating elements of general medicine, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, and physical medicine.  Our ONMM providers have advanced training and are board-certified specialists in osteopathic evaluation and manipulative therapy.  They see patients in the outpatient, inpatient, and post-surgical treatment settings.  This hands-on, whole-system approach uses the relationship between the neuromusculoskeletal system and the rest of the body to restore functionality and remove barriers to motion and healing.   

Additionally, many of these providers have extra specialization in cranial and other specialized osteopathic modalities lending to the treatment of special populations such as obstetrics and pediatrics. They serve a population of patients ranging from 2 hours old to 100+! Management of plagiocephaly, scoliosis, and chronic respiratory issues in children are common. They follow mothers throughout pregnancy to maximize wellness, prepare for delivery, and minimize pain in pregnancy.

Treatment by an ONMM physician is often an excellent alternative to surgery or a great adjunctive therapy for pain management. Additional services offered through the RCBC OMM Department include dry needling, acupuncture, joint and trigger point injections, prolotherapy, and NADA treatments for the reduction of anxiety, stress, and other health issues.


Residency Program

Charles McClung, D.O. Program Director and Attending Physician
Pam deWilde, D.O. Associate Program Director and Attending Physician
John Garlitz D.O. Attending Physician
Deborah Schmidt, D.O. Attending Physician
Jessica Smith-Kelly, D.O. Attending Physician
Richard Porter, D.O. Attending Physician


Zoie Badura, D.O.

PGL-1 ONMM Resident


Tyler Dittmann, D.O.

PGL-2 ONMM Resident


Artem Frolov, D.O.

PGL-1 ONMM Resident


Mary Hyland, D.O.

PGL-2 ONMM Resident


Kathleen Jarman, D.O.

PGL-3 ONMM Resident


Benjamin Keaton, D.O.

PGL-3 ONMM Resident


Simeon Nittala, D.O.

PGL-3 ONMM Resident


Amy Rubrich, D.O.

PGL-2 ONMM Resident