Pediatric Pulmonology

Our pediatric pulmonology clinic focuses on the evaluation and treatment of children with problems related to breathing and airway disease. The clinic serves new and returning patients with respiratory issues such as:

• Difficult to control asthma
• Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
• Tracheomalacia/Bronchomalacia
• Congenital lung disease
• Neuromuscular-related respiratory complications
• Disorders of impaired airway clearance
• Exercise-induced respiratory dysfunction

The clinic is also devoted to the pulmonary care of children with complex medical needs (such as patients with tracheostomy and patients that are home ventilator-dependent, as well as other technology-dependent respiratory care).


Pediatric Pulmonologist, Dr. Maple Landvoigt, personally evaluates all patients who come to our pediatric pulmonology clinic. This includes an in-depth review of the patient’s breathing problems, related symptoms, and medical history followed by a thorough physical examination. In addition, medical students and/or resident physicians may take part in this process.

At the first visit, a chest x-ray is often performed in our radiology department at the clinic. Not all children require an x-ray; however, this depends on the type of breathing problem that is being evaluated.
Breathing Tests: At the beginning of every appointment, we routinely perform spirometry. This is NOT painful and simply involves blowing hard through a mouthpiece into our computerized system that will display the efforts in a video game-like manner.

The location at Robert C. Byrd Clinic allows for high-quality spirometry, as well as on-site radiology and laboratory services necessary for subspecialty evaluation of commonly encountered respiratory dilemmas, such as recurrent pneumonia, recurrent or longstanding wheezing, intractable cough, and recurrent respiratory complaints during exercise.


Please allow approximately 1-2 hours for the initial visit to our pediatric pulmonology clinic due to all of the detailed information that we need to cover and any additional testing. Follow up visits will typically be shorter.


When the evaluation by the doctor is complete and all of your questions have been answered, any needed follow-up visits will be scheduled before you leave. If any medications are needed, these will be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy. We will also be happy to provide a note for school or work if needed.


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Maple Landvoigt, MD


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